2017 Official Selections

Here are the fourteen short films chosen for screening by the Dakota Digital Film Festival Film Selection Committee and shown at the sixth annual event on March 31st at the Belle Mehus Auditorium in Bismarck:

The Saurus: Writer/Director Drew Maynard, Nashville, TN

Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon: Writer/ Director Tomer Eshed, Berlin, Germany

The Bathtub: Writer/Director Tim Ellrich, Vienna, Austria

American Paradise: Writer/Director Joe Talbot, San Francisco, CA

The Science-Fiction Hour: Director Joe Greening, Producer Ian Prosser, Moorhead, MN

Drawn & Recorded – Teen Spirit: Writer/Director Drew Christie, Washington State

The Cleansing Hour: Writer Aaron Horwitz, Director Damien LeVeck, Hollywood, CA

No Other Way to Say It: Director Timothy Mason, Chicago, IL

Super Sex: Writer/Director/Producer Matthew Modine, New York, NY

Dead in the Ground: Producer Michael A. Glatt, Post-production David Swenson, Bismarck, ND

Victor & Isolina: Writer/Director William D. Caballero, Miami Beach, FL

Broken- The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck: Writer/Director Alexander Lahl Berlin, Germany

Uncle Albert: Director Samuel Sprynczynatyk, Producer Ruthie Knudsen Bismarck, ND

Bolos: Writer/Director Peche Roberts, Panguitch, UT

Filmmakers Samuel Sprynczynatyk, Ruthie Knudsen, Joe Greening, Ian Prosser, Michael Glatt, and David Swenson plan to attend and present their films along with the Emerging Filmmaker 1st Place student film award winner.